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2022 End of Year Concert

Sunday 11th December, 5:30pm
@ WIN Entertainment Centre

Is my child in this concert? Yes. If your child (5yrs & up) is in a class at Street Beatz we automatically assume they will be taking part in the concert and concert related events (like rehearsals or photo day).


Do we need to attend rehearsals? Yes! They are compulsory for ALL performers. Please email us by Week  1

of Term 4 (Oct 14th) if there is any attendance issues.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. We're here to help :)


Can't attend something? It is VERY IMPORTANT to let us know if your child is unable to attend the concert or any of these dates. Please let us know by Term 4, WEEK 1 (October 14th) so we can make adjustments to the class.

KIDS: 5-8 yrs
JUNIOR: 9-12yrs
VARSITY: 13yrs & up


Weekend Rehearsals



Junior, Varsity  
& Adult Rehearsal

Kids (5-8yrs) 

9am - 1pm: Act 1

1pm - 2pm: FINALE 

2pm - 5pm: Act 2


Act 1 and Act 2 rehearsals will go in the show order. There will be the option to arrive late/leave early. Once the show order is released we will email some alternate drop off/pick up times.

9am - 1pm: ALL Kids Rehearsals (incl FINALE)


This is a window of time for all our kids classes. Exact times for each class will set by late October, and sent out in an email.



$100 Performers Pack

Includes: Rehearsals, Professional Class and Individual Photos, Live Action Concert Photos and a Digital Download of the Concert.


1 dance only? $0 if Costume Levy has been paid OR $80: KIDS / $100: JUNIORS & VARSITY

More than 1 dance? Additional cost per costume $70: KIDS / $100: JUNIORS & VARSITY


Photo Day at Street Beatz


EOYC Photo Day & Costume Collection

9am - 11am: Kids

11am - 1pm: Juniors

2pm - 5pm: Varsity, Levels & Adults


Each child will receive a class photo and cool solo poses in each costume. All costumes are taken home after photos.


A full schedule each classes specific time slot will set by late October.



Do they get to keep their costumes? Yes, unless it is a HIRE ONLY item.

What shoes do they wear? Each class is assigned white or black shoes. All students must wear the colour assigned to that dance. This is announced once costumes are finalised in November.

Do they arrive to the WEC in their costume? Costumes aren't needed for the morning rehearsals. At the Dress Rehearsal (1pm) all students should arrive in full costume.


When do tickets go on sale? Mid  November via ticket master. TBC via email.


How much are tickets? $45 Adult / $30 Child.


Are there ticket fees? Yes. Ticketmaster have transaction fees that are applicable to certain methods of purchasing.

Can students watch the show? Students must have a ticket to watch from the audience, and must return backstage 5 dances before their dance/s and the FINALE. There is a collection point in the audience to collect and return students aged 5 -12yrs. Varsity and Adult students will be allowed into the audience with their own ticket. Students will otherwise stay with their class group and teachers backstage.


Concert Day

Morning Rehearsals (no costume)

9:00am - 10:30am: ALL Act 1 students rehearse

10:15am - 11:30am: ALL Act 2 students rehearse

*ALL students leave after their class has rehearsed*


Dress Rehearsals (arrive in costume)

1:00pm: ALL students return in their 1st costume

5:30pm: Show starts


Do we bring them lunch? No, all students leave the venue after their morning rehearsal. Snacks are permitted.

How will they eat dinner? This can be packed upon the 1pm return OR you can do a dinner drop off at 4:45pm. If you wish to take them off-site, you can do this at 4:45pm. Please ensure they are back by 5:30pm.


Why we love our concerts?

  • It feels great to get on stage and show what you have been working on in class.

  • You get to wear awesome costumes. Most are worn for months and years after.

  • It is inspiring to see other great dancers perform.

  • You are part of the Street Beatz family and get to experience the special community that we have created.

  • You get to make friendships and special connections with all different aged dancers.

  • You get to see the superstar that is hiding in your child.

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