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Hi, I'm Hadley

What styles do you teach: Hip Hop

Fun Fact: I have a plethora of different aliases, this includes but not limited to: King Lime, Hakujin, Sharp Elbows, No Hat No Play and KFC Family Meal

Why hello there, My name is Hadley and I’m a Wollongong native. Representing The Herd, Sweet Feet, LDA and Groove Central.


I honestly started dancing out of pure boredom, my sister was always in ballet classes and I had to wait at her dance studio because my mum worked as the receptionist. As a 9 year old I had little patience. There was a hip hop class when I was waiting so thought I would I try it out. Even to my surprise, I loved it. I fell in love with the energy hip hop creates and gained an interest in dance even after all the eisteddfods I had to go through without my Nintendo DS. 


From then on I was known as ”The Hip Hop Kid” through primary and high school, releasing any stress I had in my teenage years through dance. I made so many close friends through dance which really shaped me as a person and cemented my values. I’ve had the opportunity to dance overseas multiple times and spread what I learned to the rest of the Wollongong scene. 


This sparked my passion of teaching hip hop dance, I began student teaching under Jasmine where learnt the value of my students and grew a strong bond with them. I still teach some of these students to this day and I’m proud to see them now preform under the crew Tricky Treatz. When I was offered an official position as a teacher, I was so happy to have my own class and keen to connect with my students more than I ever did.


At the end of the day, I want to be the teacher that I needed when I was younger. I always wanted to create a safe space for people to feel comfortable and creativity to flow. I try to promote the individuality of each of my students so that they can be themselves and feel free. I feel like a lot of people act differently around children but I want to be whole heartedly myself when I’m teaching so they are encouraged to do the same. I hope I can help you be yourself 

Favourite Achievements

HHI Australia Gold Medalist x3
WSB International Gold Medalist 2015
Competed in HHI Internationals in USA 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019
Hip Hop Nation Winner 2018
HHI International Finals in 2016
Winner of KOD AUS&NZ

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