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Hi, I'm Johnny

What styles do you teach: Hip Hop & Breaking

Fun Fact: C-Walking was my first dance style

My dance story started the same as many in the Hip Hop scene: I had an interest in Hip Hop music, I watched You Got Served and I copied almost everything I saw on YouTube. It wasn't until I saw a local crew perform that I thought this little dream of mine could be real. I quickly started putting together routines to perform at small community events and persuaded as many as I could to join me on stage. This was the true catalyst to my dance career! To be 100% honest, I thought I was alone in wanting to dance but I found that through teaching I was able to make friends with similar interests. On top of that, being a dancer gave me something I could be proud of, which gave me confidence and undoubtedly changed my life forever! Sharing this experience has since become my mission as a teacher: 

To inspire confidence in oneself and to provide a space that promotes individuality, fun & friendship. 

Favourite Achievements

Winning Battlegrounds 2017, this is one of my favourites because it was the first time ever competing with the mindset of just being ourselves and entertaining the crowd rather than winning, and arguably we did better than ever!

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