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Hi, I'm Jack

What styles do you teach: Popping

Fun Fact: I love the Beach!!

I started dancing when I was little with the help from my Dad who would always play music in the house, although it was more Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Bob Marley he would always encourage me to dance and if we were out he would be on the dance floor fo sho! Seeing him have no fear and let loose gave me more motivation to just get up and go for it. I remember having Brooke come to my classes at Caramell Dance studio in Sydney and as always she had a strong work ethic, positive presence and a big happy smile while dancing. She asked me to come and get involved with teaching at Street Beatz back when we were in the little hall many years ago.


I really love teaching and I want to see my students enjoy music and movement as much as I do. So being able to give them the tools to be able to move in more ways and work hard at something is very rewarding. I find it very rewarding to see my students continue enjoying the dance and making big moves. Two of my first students Keanu and Jiggy Jaya started as young humble kids, now they are amazing and well accomplished dancers that have worked hard to get where they are today.

My Favourite Achievements

A great memory for me was judging alongside Mr Wiggles at the Radikal Forze Jam "Bionic Boogie Battle" I have a long way to go still but that was a great boost for me that all the years of hard work are paying off.

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