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What styles do you teach: Locking & Popping

Fun Fact: I thought the BeeGees song 'Stayin Alive' said 'Stand the Light'.

My name is Andrew but everyone in the dance community knows me by the name ‘Bubblez’ which is my preferred name. Aside from dancing I love being involved in many different activities with family and friends. My hobbies and interests constantly change because I love learning about different things all the time.  My passion is in dance and I do everything I can to keep fueling that goal. At the moment I work in several different job types including dancing to keep my goal alive and I have not stopped since.

A little bit about my dance journey. I was a late bloomer and did not start until my ending years in high school ‘2009’. What got me into street dancing started with a craze called ‘Melbourne Shuffle’ I would youtube tutorials and teach myself. From there during a holiday in Vietnam a family friend took me to a park jam where I met Bboy’s dancing at a local community park. I was instantly hooked. I was so nervous to participate that I just watched and was mesmerized at how they could move so flawlessly. Returning home I immediately youtubed tutorials to become the next greatest dancer. 


With not much progress, a friend recommended that I take class with him at Street Beatz where Brooke was instructing. It was my first time but I thought I had the moves and was pretty slick. My first encounter with Brooke I walked in with massive earphones and baggy attire thinking I am the coolest guy around. Her impression of me was a different story. After taking her class it turns out I was not as cool as I thought  but my first step into the studio would not be my last. I still remember in the early days I would take public transport from early morning to go TAFE then public transport to dance class and public transport back home around 10pm and would do this for the next several years until I got a car. 


Since 2009 I have continually danced at Street Beatz. First learning Hip Hop, followed by Breaking taught by Don, then Popping by Jack Wardana ‘Poppin Jack’ and Locking by Nicki, Chakai and Jun respectively. I continually look up to them as well Johnny and Jasmine who started the time as me.

As years went by I started teaching dance at SB, I have taught all the styles but as time went on my real love became focused on Popping and Locking. I still have love for Hip Hop and Breaking but something about Popping and Locking draws me into it and when I teach those styles my passion really shows through and I believe that the most important aspect to teaching,  is loving what you're doing and showing it with passion. 


Skipping forward to 2020 I now continually teach at Street Beatz as well as teaching for different institutions. Some include,  WHSPA, Holy Spirit, DanceWorld, Kazza Jazz and other dance studios. I have travelled to a few countries to learn from well known dancers and competitions hosted in those countries. I travel to Sydney and interstate to attend workshops and battles hosted by different organisers. I continually represent Street Beatz when I teach or battle anywhere. 

There is much more I could talk about but to keep it brief, without dance I honestly would not be the person that I am today. It really has given me the confidence to let me be the way I am. I was honestly a really uncoordinated student, still am at times. I have my team to confirm that as well.

I’m not the most talented or natural at dancing, but my drive to take my time and work at it consistently has gotten me to where I am now with dance. I'm still learning about different styles and honing my craft.  My goal now is to keep on dancing, sharing the culture until I can’t dance no more.

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