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Hi, I'm Brooke

What styles do you teach: Hip Hop

Fun Fact: I love to cook

I first started Hip Hop in 2005, at my local studio in QLD. I was lucky enough to get into my dream crew upon first audition and start my journey into Hip Hop. I danced competitively in QLD for 3 years before relocating to NSW (Wollongong to be exact). Although I taught locally, I began training in Sydney as I could not find any Hip Hop (as I knew it) classes in Wollongong. I danced in a crew, made friends, connections to the Sydney dance community and eventually went overseas to the USA to dive deep into my growing passion. Upon my return, I started teaching at Sydney based studios including Sydney Dance Company, Caramell Dance Studio and Ace Dance Studios.

I would drive one of my friends to take my class in Sydney and he would complain about the travel and asked me, "Why don't you start teaching down in Wollongong?". My answer was "because there isn't any Hip Hop in Wollongong". I grew curious and a few months later, I started some Friday night classes at Balgownie Community Hall. Our original 9 students quickly turned to 20, which then turned to 70 and now we have nearly 300 incredibly skilled and talented home grown Hip Hoppers.

The Street Beatz Teachers are more than just staff, we are a great team, 5 of whom started as my students. Together we built a whole community that has so much passion, talent and support. 

Favourite Achievements

Starting this studio! Backup dancing for Young MC. 1vs 1 Champion Hip Hop Showdown Battle 2013, 2014 and 2018 (Heat 1).

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