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Hi, I'm Gemma

What styles do you teach: Hip Hop

Fun Fact: Dogs are my favourite thing on the PLANET

I began learning Gymnastics at my local PCYC and eventually moved on to learn dance at Street Beatz Hip Hop in 2010. I dabbled in every style they could offer, learning from Brooke, Don, Johnny and more, but I grew to become especially interested in Hip Hop, as you can probably tell! I eventually was selected into one of Street Beatz’ first dance crews called the “Illagroovers”, which grew to be extremely successful and was a big part of my life. When I left this crew in 2017, I grew especially fond of Hip Hop Freestyle, I love the freedom and raw expression that can come from it. Once I developed my style and skill, I dived deeper into Battling, travelling to Sydney every second weekend to compete and exchange with my friends. Throughout this process I was training with Brooke, she has been my master since day dot!


Brooke took me on as student teacher when I was around 15, it took some time, but as I learnt how to communicate with students I eventually fell in LOVE with teaching kids and people of all ages. I appreciate students who give things a go even if it may seem unfamiliar, and those who are willing to try. Good communication between teacher and student is extremely important to me and is something that I constantly encourage. I do my absolute best to make my class the safest, most comfortable environment for people of all personalities. Thanks to Street Beatz, I have found and grown my everlasting passion for teaching and working with kids.

Favourite Achievements

- Winner of Hip Hop Showdown league: 2018 and 2019

- Representing my country through dance in 2014, 2015 and 2016

- Placing 8th in the world at Hip Hop International 2016 alongside my crew and mentors

- Street Beater of the year 2018 (highest award at Street Beatz, (not to boast))

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